Strawberry Cream Hearts


Hey Dad,

Remember that you always gave us kids Russell Stover’s Strawberry Cream Hearts for Valentine’s Day?  I think you loved them as much as we did … well, I’m carrying on in your honor and I bought one (or two) for myself this year. I’ve had it one my counter for awhile now. I just look at it every day and think of you and wish you were here to split it with me. But you aren’t, and I couldn’t wait any longer so I opened that beautiful wrapper and sunk my teeth into that luscious treat today … and I thought of you.

Finally, today the sun is shining so I went out to the tree that you helped plant in the backyard and took a picture – I love that tree. I’ll never forget how hard you worked to dig that darn hole so the tree roots could be protected and the tree could grow. It’s taller than the house now; and it reminds me of you. It’s weathered plenty of storms and rain recently – yet it stands tall and perseveres; just like me, just like your family.

Matthew is rocking it at the U – he loves it and he’s doing really well (I know that won’t surprise you). Michael is getting ready to graduate this spring. The family will be gathering for yet another UW graduation party in Seattle. I wish you could be there; I hope you’ll be looking down on us with a HUGE smile on your face and laughing with pride, because you should!

Today is Becky’s birthday – you always called her Wormie (I’ll admit that I had to ask her that though …). According to a comment on her Facebook page, (you know that crazy thing we do when we look at our phones), she is 29 today – and I’m actually ok with that cause that makes me 39 and that was a good year! Your Wormie is doing great – good things are happening in her life and she’s as happy as she’s ever been. She misses you too.

We all miss you. Mom often ‘visits’ you at the cemetery. It’s funny, I used to think that people who went to the grave site to ‘visit’ their loved one(s) were crazy. Well, maybe your family is crazy because we all like going there to ‘visit’ you. I took a friend there to say good bye to you. It just brings me peace going there.

Sometimes the whole family goes there together. You won’t find it difficult to imagine your daughters talking to you, laughing, sharing Cheetos (we always leave one of two for you) and toasting with Kokanee. Then sometimes we might get a little silly and take some pictures – it’s nice to feel so close to you there – and it’s so pretty and peaceful there.

We all miss you like crazy – No need to worry about us as we are all doing fine and carrying on like the strong, loving, crazy family you and Mom created. You’re gone from this earth, but not from my heart.

Love you like crazy, Dad!






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