The Magic Reset Button


The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.  ~ Rumi

 So Magical … I’m so excited that the clouds parted enough for me to take in the amazing beauty of February’s Snow Full Moon – It’s richness and fullness makes time stand still, so beautiful. I’m not sure I’ll see the New Year Comet, but I should see the lunar eclipse later this evening. 

Our last eclipse was on September 16 – so this is a great time to release everything that has occurred since then — we can hit the magic ‘reset’ button and begin fresh (you all know how I love a fresh start, a new beginning). The confluence of these events provides the rare opportunity to blink our eyes and press reset on everything that has happened, it presents the perfect time to start a new chapter in our lives.

The world, our nation, and our beings have experienced much since last September. Personally, I’ve been on an emotional roller coast, and I’m ready to get off. I’m ready to make room and clear space for friendships that fulfill me instead of paying attention to those that drain me. I’m ready to move on and nourish those relationships that feed me instead of worrying about and chasing those that have left me feeling lost, empty and alone.

This is the time to let go. I’m ready to heal emotional wounds. I’ve learned lessons and will move forward stronger and with more purpose. I am healing.

I’ll be inhaling deeply and accepting all that nourishes and feeds my soul. I’ll be exhaling all the negativity and pain with those relationships that only hurt and bring tears. I will offer myself the compassion that I so freely give others.

I have been hurt. I have been betrayed. And I am ok.

Today, I’m stronger, and wiser. You won’t hurt me again. I am taking back my power.

I have found my enthusiasm and my curiosity. I embrace the present for the wild magic it provides. I am once again, vibrant. I’m taking back my shine and my fire that attracts joy, happiness, love and peace. I’m moving forward with passion, love and bliss. I will be brave and vulnerable … and content.

I no longer need external gratification … I have what I need. I’ve had it all along. I’m blessed with love, peace, joy and happiness. You are also blessed.

Here’s to pressing reset – Watch out World!


One thought on “The Magic Reset Button

  1. I like the idea of pressing a reset button. In the past I’ve used the analogy of putting “stuff” in a drawer and closing the drawer, but I haven’t used a reset button. I will incorporate that into my repertoire. Thank you! I hope your reset is glorious.


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