My Mom and I just returned from Washington D.C. It was a bucket list trip for Mom. When I asked her to join me for this trip, I was surprised (and delighted) she said yes. I was so honored and excited that together, we would experience the wonders of D.C.

We did and saw it all – at least we did and saw many things (certainly everything on Mom’s ‘must do/see’ list). Together, we rode the emotional roller coaster that happens when you open your heart and experience history through the halls of the Holocaust Museum, the 9/11 Gallery and Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery at the Newseum, the monuments, and Arlington National Cemetery. We shared tears as we received a red poppy at Arlington – thinking of Dad and all the veterans and current Americans serving our country.

I have been to D.C. many times. I had forgotten how emotional the experience is. I feel deeply. I always have. I was once again, touched by everything D.C. had to offer.

An undercurrent of uncertainty exists in Washington D.C. Thinking about Syria, North Korea, and Arkansas shortens my breath and makes my heart heavy. Our country is experiencing a White House administration like none other we’ve seen. For me, so many of the things I have fought for and believe in are under attack. Every week brings a little more craziness.

There is more than just an undercurrent of uncertainty, there is fear. This fear is the kind of fear that is crippling, debilitating and overreaching. That is if you choose fear.

I will not choose fear though; I will choose hope.

I returned home from the trip and had ‘movie date night’ with Hacksaw Ridge showing. I won’t recommend this film for a romantic date night or if you are at all queasy about graphic war scenes. It is a tough movie to watch. Yet, I found it inspiring as I witnessed what one person can do with determination, perseverance and hope.

During this time of uncertainty, one could easily be overcome with fear.

Join me and choose hope instead.

Hope will provide me security and guidance. I am embracing and choosing hope.

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