I Wanna be a BADA$$


Sometimes, I just really want to be a BADA$$, a really, really mean BADA$$!

I think about using mean-spirited memes to tell the world how I feel instead of actually thinking and being thoughtful in how I express myself.

I think about using hate-filled names when describing anyone who disagrees with me instead of trying to listen, understand and respect their point of view.

I think about saying whatever comes to my mind without any regard for fact, scientific evidence or data.

I think about being selfish and self-centered and living with no regard for anyone else on the planet other than those peoples exactly like me.

I’m not really sure how to be a BADA$$ … but wait, I think I bought a book once on how to live like and be a BADA$$. Hold on … I’ll go check my bookshelf.

Ok … I’m faster than I thought … I’m back.

So I’m looking through the titles on my bookshelf looking for a title with BADA$$ in it; and I find —

The Power of Kindness
Ambiguous Loss
Living Memories
How Writing Works
Introvert Power
The Untethered Soul
The Alchemist
Before Happiness
Mindful Plan to Self-Compassion
Living Buddha, Living Christ
Attitudes of Gratitude
The Lotus and the Lily
Peace is Every Step

For the love of the written word … no wonder I have no idea how to really be a mean-spirited, ignorant BADA$$! Perhaps we already have too many of that sort on our planet.

I know we do.

So starting today, I’m letting go of any desire I might have had to be a mean BADA$$. I’m going to once again embrace my POWER OF KINDNESS to create LIVING MEMORIES for my friends and family and planet earth so we can all find a MINDFUL PLAN to find PEACE and compassion in our EVERY STEP.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

If we don’t do this, who will?

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