It’s been awhile

The two of us with your “Buddy” … a few years back!

Dear Dad,

Though I think of you every day, and see you on my phone wallpaper every day, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. So hard to believe five years have past since I last held your hand. It’s total bullshit when people say that missing loved ones gets better/easier over time … people who believe that obviously didn’t have a Dad like you.

Your gang is doing really well. Your kids meet weekly for a virtual book club – and Matthew, Nathan, Nicole, David and Sheila join in with us. We just finished the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It is really a highlight of our week. We are closer than ever and are all bound by the value of family that you shared and taught us by your example. Thank you so much for giving me my family.

And heavens – You have some really wicked smart grandkids – but you already knew that. I used to think that I was, perhaps, one of the brightest. Well, I no longer have that illusion at all. I’m continually blown away by the insights and intellect of the next generation. I find myself just shaking my head sometimes (like you used to do) when the concepts just go right over my head.

Aging is a humbling part of life. I had a ‘big’ birthday this year and Mom keeps remind me that I’m no longer a Spring chicken … if I’m no longer a Spring chicken, I wonder what that makes her? And if you think I’m crazy enough to ask her – you don’t remember me very well, right?

Your Wormie remains so happily in love it’s very fun to see. Computer has had a tough year – we continue to surround her with our love and support. Don continues to be the quiet glue for us all. He’s taken up smoking – FOOD, not cigarettes (just in case you had any doubts).

And Mom … she misses you every day and remains as feisty as ever. She continues to find good trouble and works hard to make someone’s life a little better each and every day. What a legacy of love and grace you both gave us.

The world is a crazy place … we’re dealing with a “Corona” that is much different than the beer – and because of this version of Corona, your family hasn’t been able to see one another in person. We keep in touch though – a week or so ago we had a virtual happy hour. It doesn’t replace being together in person and giving and receiving hugs, but it is what we have for now.

Dang – miss you so much! I think of you when I see contrails, when I see hummingbirds, when I see butterflies, when I hear doves coo, when I see beautiful dirt … and the list goes on and is long.

You were an amazing Dad … and your gang all misses you, and we are all doing well. I hope you are continuing to find some good trouble to keep you busy!



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