It’s been awhile …

I’ll admit, I haven’t prayed in a long time.

I’ve sought solace through meditation and intentions – but today, the air is heavy and I pray.

I pray for those grieving, for those who lost a Mom, for those who lost a loved one. Grief weighs heavy in the heart and is so much like fear it can paralyze.

I pray for Oscar Alberto, Angie Valeria and their family. I pray for all those seeking a better way to care for their families, for their children.

I pray that each and every child on our planet will be loved and cared for in clean, healthy environments. I pray they will see the eyes light up whenever they enter a room. I pray they will be hugged with great tenderness and loved each and every day.

I pray for our nation, and for our president.

I pray that compassion, humility, tolerance, kindness, love, and grace will serve as guiding lights for our leaders.

I pray for strength for those fighting battles – whether it be cancer, Alzheimer’s, family challenges – I pray for strength for those who need it. I pray for those sick, and for those caregiving.

I pray for me, that I may be guided by kindness. I pray that I will live without judging others. I pray that I will live with a heart filled with gratitude, compassion and grace.

I pray that every day, I will live in a way that makes the world a little better, each and every day.

May this prayer calm me and give me hope.

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