The Magic of the Haiku


Amazing to see
the tiny small mushroom world
wonder, awe — live there.

A few family members tried for months to convince my mother, AKA #RitzQueen, that she might enjoy some technology in the form of a new device on the market — the GrandPad.

#RitzQueen finally acquiesced and I ordered the device. It arrived and a very short time later, Mom was using the GrandPad to send pictures and emails. She uses it daily — and if you have spent any time with her at all, you’ll know the red device as it is never far from her side.

Thursdays, we all share in the magic, fun and poetry of the Haiku — I creatively call the day ‘Haiku Thursday.’ I’ve always loved poetry — and I thought this short three-line poem would be a great way to describe shared photos and express our creativity. I’m happy to share that many of us do participate in Haiku Thursday — even Sister Kristy’s dog Jake. He’s an amazing, gifted poet.

Today, I’m inviting you to explore the magic of the Haiku … I’ll be honest. Many of our haikus have more than three lines, and the poem might not have the traditional syllable count of 5-7-5 …

The magic of the haiku is communicating, sharing, and exploring words for the sheer fun of doing so! Why not give it a try … and share!

2 thoughts on “The Magic of the Haiku

  1. Brian’s mom was known for her haiku. When she passed, I gathered all the slips of paper and sticky notes I could find with the intention of making them into a book. Maybe that project needs to move higher up the list. Thank you for the reminder.

    P.S. Son Troy also writes haiku.


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