A Letter to Dad

December 23, 2016

Hi Dad,

Your gang is all gathering for Christmas … but you probably know that because you continue to be our guardian angel – I know there is a big smile on your face as each of us arrives. I remember when we were back on the farm and you would always keep a lookout for headlights coming down the road – just waiting and hoping that it would be your kids. You were never happier than when we were all together. And we continue to have our best times when we are together – but there is a HUGE missing piece now. Please know how much you are missed.

I’m sitting her with Mom by your tree – you would love it! It’s decorated in purple from the top to bottom. The ‘angel’ on top is your favorite Husky hat and the Husky glove that you loved and also kept your hands warm is near the top as well. We could only find one glove – you must have taken the other with you. I still have an extra pair that was yours; it’s a HUGE treasure.

The rest of the tree is decorated in purple and gold with all of Mom’s favorite ornaments. As I sit here, I can almost feel you watching – it’s comforting.

Matthew is loving the University of Washington and he’s rocking it – as you knew he would. He’s getting excellent grades and he is growing into the most amazing young man. Thank you for loving him; you had a great influence on him. And Michael is rocking it too. He gave a presentation at his internship that really ‘wowed’ the audience. He sent me a text on his way to work that he was thinking about you. I don’t think you ever really knew how much of an influence you had on your family. You taught us so much.

It’s been a tough year without you – but as a family, we have found our strength and grown together and are stronger than ever. It’s snowing a bit now – I’m taking that as a sign you are listening and watching. The holidays will never be the same without you. Thank you for everything you gave us. We love you. We miss you!

Carrie and your gang

P.S.  We went on a little road trip … thought you might enjoy some of the pictures!

One thought on “A Letter to Dad

  1. What a beautifully written Letter to your Dad! I never met him, but he sounds like a wonderful guy. I do know your Mom though and she rocks! Your parents can be so proud of the woman you are. Best wishes for 2017!


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